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Smith & Wesson’s Easy Shooting Shield .380 ACP Pistol

  By Bob Campbell, Contributing Editor Over the years I have seen many people struggle with the handgun. Some older folks and others with limited … Read More...

Ammunition Choices for .223 Remington

By Bob Campbell, Contributing Editor The 5.56mm/.223 Remington is America’s cartridge just as the AR 15 rifle is America’s rifle. The rifle is used for … Read More...

Meet Cheryl Todd of Arizona, ‘Shepherd’ of Progress

By Genie Jennings, Contributing Editor As soon as Cheryl Todd heard about the DC Project at the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in January, 2016, … Read More...


MI Teen Files Legal Action v. Dick’s Stores

An 18-year-old Michigan resident has filed a lawsuit against the Dick’s Sporting Goods chain after the store refused to … Read More...

Perfect Sized Carry Pistols

By Scott Smith In 2017 Glock and Smith & Wesson introduced the Gen5 and 2.0 versions of their compact pistols: … Read More...


From The Editor

A lot has happened since I wrote my last column. While I usually try to focus on one topic in each editorial, I had already planned to discuss at least two events affecting the gun rights community. But, as I got to work early on Apr. 4, the phone rang with the sad news of […]

Poll Shows Guns In Homes Make People Feel Safer

With the nation in an uproar about gun rights versus gun control, a recent Rasmussen poll revealed that a majority of people with guns in the home feel safer. The survey results said 61% of Americans who have guns in the home “feel safer knowing it’s there.” Perhaps not surprisingly, 44% of the survey respondents […]

CA County Weighs Ban On Gun Shows

On March 6, the Santa Clara County, CA, Board of Supervisors was scheduled to hold a public meeting to discuss a proposal by Supervisor Ken Yeager to prohibit the sale and possession of firearms on county property. If such a proposal were enacted, it would have the effect of prohibiting gun shows from operating at […]