March/April Issue

New From SHOT: Guns & Gear, Dry Fire Techniques, And More. … Read More...

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2015 SHOT Show Another Big Year

By Diane Walls Contributing Editor With attendance of 64,000 people, SHOT Show 2015 was second only to last year’s 67,000 record-setting show. From Industry Day … Read More...

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Invest Time in Dry Firing to Improve Skills

By Bob Campbell Contributing Editor Today many of us are caught in the middle of a cartridge shortage. Ammunition companies are running three shifts to keep up … Read More...

Peggy T Crop

From The Editor

You may be one of the many people who read magazines from back to front rather than the other way around—studies show about half of readers proceed that way. If so, … Read More...


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New SAF Training Division Includes Women’s Classes

By Lynn Givens Director, Women’s Training, SAF-TD A great deal of criminal violence is directed toward women, who … Read More...

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Up Close and Personal With SAF-TD

By Tiffany Johnson Have you ever been accosted by a clay disc? Has a deer or pheasant ever fired back at you? Can you … Read More...



Defensive Strategies- Lyn Bates

Prioritizing gun knowledge yields some surprising results.


Legally Speaking- Karen L. MacNutt

The lessons “taught” in Ferguson, MO are not necessarily the lessons learned.


Making A Difference- Genie Jennings

Learning to say “I will” instead of “someone should”.