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The picture below is most of the women who attended this year’s Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) in Dallas, Sept. 29-Oct. 1. A few of us were out of the room for various reasons. That’s W&G Publisher Julianne Versnel Gottlieb at the podium in the black sweater and Contributing Editor Genie Jennings is in the front row in a … Read More...

No Evidence Gun Buybacks Reduce Crime, Researchers Say

Gun buybacks have been held in the United States since the early 1990s based on the premise that taking firearms off the street will help make communities safer, but … Read More...

Las Vegas Aftermath: Renewed Calls for Gun Control

By Dave Workman, Contributing Editor In the aftermath of the carnage in Las Vegas, renewed calls for gun control including a ban on so-called “bump stocks” … Read More...

NRA Calls for Review of Bump Stocks; SAF, CCRKBA Support ‘Dialogue’

By Dave Workman, Contributing Editor In the wake of the deadly attack on concert goers in Las Vegas on the evening of Oct. 1, the National Rifle Association has … Read More...


DC Declines to Take SAF’s Wrenn Case to Supreme Court

By Dave Workman, Contributing Editor The District of Columbia will not be appealing its loss in the Second Amendment … Read More...

Canik TP9 SF Elite S 9mm Is An Affordable Carry Choice

By Bob Campbell, Contributing Editor A few years ago the Canik TP9 pistol was introduced in America. A product of … Read More...


Holiday Gift Ideas: Women’s Clothing

By Scott Smith & Lisa Palermo When I approached Lisa in January with the idea of looking at women’s pants for Christmas she looked at me like I was nuts. However I knew she was on the road and would be able to give clothing a long test while out with FEMA. This idea was […]

Holiday Gift Ideas: From Coloring Book to Bathroom Solution!

By Lyn Bates, Contributing Editor Never fear a filthy, tiny or absent toilet again! Are you or someone you know reluctant to try outdoor camping, van life or other activities that makes one ask, “Where do you go to the bathroom?” Did you read my recent column, and Karen MacNutt’s about how the bathrooms one […]

Holiday Gift Ideas: Magazine Carry and a Timely Book

By Roger Lanny, Contributing Editor There are some immutable truths in this world: the only constant is death and taxes; never spit into the wind; it’s not if your hard drive (solid state drive) will fail, it’s when; and, if you carry a semi-automatic pistol for self-protection, you need to carry a spare magazine. We […]