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September/October Issue

Being the household defender, What's your cyber-security IQ, why training is critical and more … Read More...

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How Much Firearms Training is Enough?

The question of how much firearms training is enough is something that gets bandied about among trainers, competitors, enthusiasts and the general public quite a … Read More...

Peggy T Crop

From the Editor

Even for someone who enjoys politics, the thought of sifting through the 2016 Presidential field 16-18 months earlier is a little daunting, a little disheartening … Read More...

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Women as Primary Home Defenders

By Carolee Anita Boyles, Contributing Editor When a woman lives alone or is a single mom, most people see it as the norm to think of her as the primary home … Read More...


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Groups Will Not Save Your Life

By Bob Campbell, Contributing Editor We all have to start somewhere. Firing at paper targets and making small groups … Read More...

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The Air is Crisp, Time to Get Outside

By Lynne Finch Fall is a very special time of year, the oppressive heat of summer is past, and we feel newly energized … Read More...



Defensive Strategies- Lyn Bates

Self-defense is a broad enough concept to include assessing your cyber security.


Legally Speaking- Karen L. MacNutt

Appreciating the art of gun engraving.


Making A Difference- Genie Jennings

Constitutional carry comes to Maine after a decade long battle.