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The DC Project: Revealing the Face of the American Gun Owner



Cheryl Todd of Arizona, speaks at the 2017 DC Project event in front of the US Capitol.

By Genie Jennings,
Contributing Editor

The DC Project is a true grassroots endeavor to educate federal legislators on the realities of private gun ownership and the Second Amendment.
This year’s event will have taken place by the time this issue is in print.
The goal of the creators was to have 50 women, one from each state, go to Washington to introduce themselves to their respective Representative and Senators. There are no big donors or corporate sponsors. Instead each woman is responsible for her own transportation, food, and lodging during the time she is in the capital. The hope is that the women will meet their legislators, be able to tell their stories, and, hopefully, be able to develop a congenial relationship. The legislators and their staffs and the staff will also have an opportunity to join their constituents at a nearby range. These are the 2018 participants.
For more information on the DC Project and a recap of this year’s June 22 event, go to
At press time, he following women participating in the 2018 event are:

Elizabeth Stringer Pearch, AK

Beth Reoch Alcazar, AL

Tiffany Johnson, TN



Mary Yungeberg, SD




Tina Martin-Nims, NC

Lanny Barnes, CO



Kim Condon, MS


LaKasha Robbins, MA


Julie Waastad, CA


Jennifer Wyatt, MI

Gabby Franco, TX



Gretchan Helm, MD


Lori Ann Blackwell, IL


Rhonda Ezell, IL


Shebrena Maden Vaught, KY



Maya Baeza, HI

Gina Roberts, CA





















Lara Cullinane Smith, CA
Brooke Cheney, CT
Holly Sullivan, CT
Chloe Deaton, FL
Shayna Lopez-Rivas, FL
Christi Conner Tate, GA
Lucretia Hughes, GA
Ki Welch, GA
Jeanelle Westrom, IA
Jessica Klingener-Minor, ID
Beth Walker, IN
Corinne Elise, KS
Karla Dinsmoore-Mooney, MD
Dakota Overland-MN
Stacey E. Washington, MO
Kathey Eckles Love, MT
Heather Miller, NC
Stephanie Schafer, NE
Elaine Hope Croteau, NH
Robin Wright, NJ
Barbara Weimer Rumpel, NM/FL
Diane Scully, NV
Laura Evans, NY
Lauren Hartnett, NY
Amanda Suffecool, OH
Dianna Liedorff Muller, OK
Kelley Ann Pidgeon, PA
Adda May Dillon, SC
Jordan Blake, SC
Ashlynne Thomas, TX
Robyn Sandoval, TX
Amanda Johnson, VA
Megan Boland, VA
Mia Farinelli, VA
Tennille Gibson Chidester, UT
Susan Hansen, WA
Kelly Welke, WI
April Strong, WY

Resource Directory

Sources for SCCY 9m Fature, Page 12

Black Hills Ammunition
PO Box 3090, Dept. WG
Rapid City, SD 57709

9200 Cody, Dept. WG
Overland Park, KS 66214

Sources for Prois clothing feature, Page 16

Prois Hunting Apparel for Women
806 W. New York Ave., Dept. WG
Gunnison CO 81230

Sources for Honey Badger ammunition feature, Page 28

Black Hills Ammunition
PO Box 3090, Dept. WG
Rapid City, SD 57709

Black Hills Ammunition Honey Badger Loads

The Honey Badger .380 ACP and .38 Special bullets, shown, have demonstrated excellent performance.

By Bob Campbell,
Contributing Editor

Many individuals rely upon modern jacketed hollow point ammunition for personal defense. A loading with a good balance of expansion and penetration exhibits excellent wound potential. But hollow point bullets are not perfect. Some will close up on meeting bone. With the bullet mashed shut the nose cannot fill with material and instigate bullet expansion. Others may expand too quickly, others too slowly.
As a young person I began handloading my own ammunition and often used hard cast semi-wadcutter bullets (SWC). These bullets featured a flat nose and a sharp driving shoulder. The damage these bullets did was much superior to a round nose lead bullet. The flat nose and sharp shoulders cut flesh rather than simply pressing it aside.

The Honey Badger bullet nose is quite sharp.

Penetration was excellent and the bullet design kept most of the weight of the bullet out of the case, which allowed greater velocity without raising pressure. I still use SWC bullets for hunting and for defensive purposes in small handguns that may not produce enough velocity to reliably cause bullet expansion. The advantage of a bullet that cuts flesh on contact is that the damage begins immediately instead of after the bullet expands. An even more effective bullet is now offered by Black
Hills Ammunition.
Some feel the handgun is simply a projectile launcher and the bullet is what matters most. There has been a great deal of research into wound ballistics. Black Hills Ammunition offers excellent jacketed hollow point loads in the popular calibers. They also offer economical non-expanding bullet loads. The new Honey Badger load is designed to make for good wound ballistics without using a hollow point bullet. Handgun bullets produce wounds by making holes in the target. Damage must be done to make for blood loss. The body is a pressurized system and when blood is lost blood pressure drops and the body shuts down. The goal of personal defense shooters is to increase the size of this hole in relation to the caliber of the handgun used. Another thing that is desirable in a personal defense bullet is that the bullets track straight to the vital organs without deviation and that penetration is adequate.

Note tears in paper target with Honey Badger.

Penetration isn’t difficult to design into a bullet and modern hollow points may be designed to expand reliably. The problem is maintaining the proper mix of expansion and penetration. Personal research and experience tells me that when small bore cartridges have performed to a greater degree than expected it is because they have penetrated deeply. When a big cartridge fails it is often because it has not exhibited adequate penetration. The bullet must penetrate heavy clothing or light cover and penetrate and break bones to reach the vital organs. This isn’t something that may be compromised.

There is plenty of bearing surface on this all copper bullet for good accuracy.

The Honey Badger bullet is a solid copper bullet with cutting flutes machined into the body. The bullets are very precisely machined and while they are designed primarily for wound ballistics they are also very accurate. The bullets have a profile that allows good feed reliability in self-loading pistols. Depending on the caliber, the bullets have three or four scallops or flutes machined into the nose. These cut-out sections extend to the bullet’s tip where they are formed into a pointed star like star. The bullets are sharp―in fact, when loading these bullets in .380 ACP magazines we were careful not to push against the very tip of the nose but to apply pressure to the side of the bullet in loading. I actually picked up a small cut until I learned this simple caution. I have fired these bullets extensively and tested them in water for penetration.
While some of my observations may not be scientific, they are useful. When firing full metal jacketed bullets or round nose lead bullets into water the effect on the water jugs I use (six inch wide water jugs) isn’t very dynamic. Firing the Honey Badger loads at a similar velocity creates dynamic disruption. The bullet nose design forces water or tissue outward producing in effect a larger wound that extends past the tissue the bullet is actually touching.
Black Hills Ammunition has shared the gelatin results from tests they have conducted. The results are greater than

The Ruger GP 100 gave excellent results with the Honey Badger.

I would have thought. Gelatin blocks are stable and the wound cavity may be measured. No SWC bullet offers the type of damage the Honey Badger does and round nose or full metal jacketed bullets are far behind. FMJ bullets allow tissue to close up around the wound as the flesh is more pushed aside than cut. The results are impressive with the Honey Badger compared to these loadings. In a day when ridiculous claims are common and many bullets are designed to break up early rather than offer adequate penetration the Honey Badger is a great new loading and an offering that makes a lot of sense for many of us. My personal scenario includes travel in both urban and rural areas. Protection against dangerous animals including feral dogs and the big cats is important.
While the Honey Badger meets FBI standards for penetration it is also a load that doesn’t over-penetrate. The flutes act like a kind of air brake in gelatin testing, at least I feel it does. Black Hills Ammunition offers first quality ammunition in every sense of the word. These loads, like other Black Hills Ammunition handgun loads, offer a clean powder burn, good accuracy and modest muzzle signature. I have been able to test most of the Honey Badger loads with good results.

Gelatin results with the Honey Badger have been excellent.

I have fired the .380 ACP 60-grain in a Rock Island Baby Rock, Springfield 911 and the new Smith & Wesson Shield. Muzzle velocity was 1170 fps in the Baby Rock and a blistering 1190 fps in the Shield. Even the 2.6-inch barrel Springfield exhibited 1151 fps. That is excellent velocity. Yet, like most .380 ACP loads this one features modest recoil. Accuracy is excellent. I was able to strike small objects at 25 yards with these pistols and the Honey Badger loading. Penetration in water was over 15 inches. In a micro hideout .380 this load outstrips the .32 ACP, .32 H & R Magnum, and standard .380 ACP loads with good function and excellent accuracy.
I fired the 9mm 125-grain Honey Badger load extensively in my personal Springfield EMP. Velocity is 968 fps. Recoil is very light, qualifying the load for those that are recoil sensitive. Accuracy is excellent.

When loaded in speed loaders the Honey Badger isn’t difficult to quickly load.

I used this load when testing a modern pistol that would not feed JHP bullets. While a modern pistol with feed problems is rare, there it was. Penetration in water is 18 inches. This is a load for the recoil shy that offers better ballistics than an FMJ loading.
I own a Colt Detective Special and a Colt Cobra, both manufactured in 1962.

The Honey Badger bullet is an amazing breakthrough in many ways.

These are excellent revolvers, there is nothing quite like them available today. I keep the Detective Special in a special place in an old desk in the HP Lovecraft reading room, all vintage gear down to the Colt and a clickety clack 1940 GE fan. The aluminum frame Cobra is a frequent backup .38 Special and we tried the 100-grain Honey Badger. I have also fired the Honey Badger in a Smith & Wesson 442 revolver, all with two-inch barrels. Velocity is 950 to 980 fps. Accuracy is good and the Honey Badger doesn’t exhibit excess recoil. I have also fired this load in my four-inch
barrel .357 Magnum revolvers and found it match grade accurate. Penetration is virtually the same as the 9mm load, just a half inch or so less on average. Recently I fired the load in my Colt Police Positive Special with four-inch barrel. I was surprised to see the 100-grain bullet clock 1211 fps over the Competition Electronics Chronograph. This is a viable loading and it will be my first choice in lighter .38 Special revolvers.
I have also fired the Honey Badger in .44

The Honey Badger is packaged in 50 round boxes in some calibers and 20 rounds in others.

Magnum. For animal defense and close range encounters with feral dogs, the .44 Magnum would make an awesome combination. The 135-grain .45 ACP Honey Badger is also interesting. The .45 ACP, frankly, doesn’t need any help but the small bore cartridges do. I am going to study the .45 ACP more closely in the future. Meanwhile my results with the .380 ACP, 9mm Luger and .38 Special are impressive. As a sidenote there are a few jurisdictions in various people’s republics that prohibit hollow point ammunition in carry guns. The Honey Badger isn’t a JHP.
The Honey Badger is a viable loading well worth your study.






North Tapped as NRA President

The National Rifle Association has announced that retired Marine Corps Lt. Col. Oliver North ould become the next president of the association in an unusual chain of developments that saw serving President Pete Brownell decide not to run for a second term, and the organization’s first and second vice presidents unable to take the position.
The announcement came right after the NRA Board of Directors met on May 7 for its annual spring business session which traditionally follows the annual members’ meetings and exhibits. This year’s event was in Dallas.
In a press release, the NRA said the Board of Directors began the process that would be as NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre called it “the most exciting news for our members since Charlton Heston became President of our Association.”

NRA Sues New York Governor, Regulator for “Blacklisting’’

By Joseph P. Tartaro,
President, SAF

The National Rifle Association on May 11 filed suit against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state’s financial regulator, Maria Vullo, for engaging in what it said was a “blacklisting campaign” aimed at swaying banks and insurers to stop doing business with the gun rights group, according to a complaint.
Reuters reported that Cuomo and the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) aimed to deprive the NRA of its right to “speak freely about gun-related issues and defend the Second Amendment,” the group said in the suit, referring to the Second Amendment, that part of the US Constitution that protects the right of Americans to bear arms.
“The NRA’s lawsuit is a futile and desperate attempt to advance its dangerous agenda to sell more guns,” Cuomo said in a statement, calling the suit “frivolous.”
The NRA’s lawsuit, filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of New York, follows a $7 million fine on May 2 imposed by NYDFS against insurance broker Lockton Cos LLC, which administered an NRA-branded insurance program known as “Carry Guard.”
On May 7, NYDFS fined insurer Chubb Ltd and its Illinois Union Insurance Company unit $1.3 million for having “unlawfully provided liability insurance to gun owners for acts of intentional wrongdoing,” the regulator said.
The fines were part of settlements between the companies and the regulator, outcomes that are the “culmination of years of political activism by Cuomo against the NRA and gun rights organizations,” an NRA lawyer said in a statement.
The Hill newspaper reported that Cuomo, NYDFS and Vullo engaged in a “campaign of selective prosecution, backroom exhortations, and public threats” to coerce banks and insurance companies to withhold services from the NRA, the group said in the suit.
The suit also cites an April letter, previously reported on website, issued by NYDFS to heads of banks and insurance companies doing business in New York encouraging them to manage “reputational risk” posed by dealings with “gun promotion organizations.”
NYDFS has an obligation to “supervise and guide regulated entities to mitigate the risks to their safety and soundness that may derive from a variety of sources, including reputational risk,” said Vullo.
NYDFS must also enforce New York law, Vullo said. The Lockton and Chubb settlements addressed unlicensed and unlawful activity connected with “Carry Guard.”
The NRA has suffered tens of millions of dollars in damages, the group said.
“The NRA’s lawsuit is a futile and desperate attempt to advance its dangerous agenda to sell more guns,” Cuomo wrote in a statement obtained by The Hill.
Cuomo said he was “proud” of his ‘F’ rating from the NRA, adding, “In New York, we won’t be intimidated by frivolous court actions from a group of lobbyists bent on chipping away at common sense gun safety laws that many responsible gun owners actually support. We have an obligation to protect New Yorkers, and this sham suit will do nothing to stop that.”


Obsession Bows Partners with Kristy Titus and Pursue The Wild Digital Series

Obsession Bows is excited to announce a multi-year exclusive agreement with professional hunter Kristy Titus and her digital video series, “Pursue The Wild”. The series, viewable on YouTube and Amazon TV, follows Titus on hunting adventures in the backcountry of the West, whitetail pursuits and includes insights on becoming a more efficient hunter, all while promoting the ideals of conservation and public lands stewardship.
Obsession Bows joins the Arcus Hunting brands of Ramcat Broadheads, Trophy Taker and Dead Down Wind as sponsors of Pursue The Wild. “Kristy is a remarkable storyteller and presents our lineup of scent control and archery products in a way that complements the adventure while showcasing how they contribute to her success,” says Chip Hunnicutt, Director of Marketing for Arcus Hunting.
“Arcus Hunting represents iconic, industry leading brands that truly make hunters more successful afield,” said Titus. “Dead Down Wind, Ramcat Broadheads and Trophy Taker Rests are all proven to perform accurately and reliably in their respective categories and have proven success behind them. Adding Obsession Bows to our partnership was a natural fit, but for me it goes beyond that; I am getting better performance and increased speed from my Obsession Fixation than any other bow I have ever shot. Archery season can’t come soon enough!”
Pursue The Wild recently had the film “Moments” selected for the prestigious 2018 Full Draw Film Tour. The feature follows Titus to Missouri for a dramatic whitetail deer hunt, expertly capturing the anxieties and joys of bowhunting.

Remington Outdoor emerges from bankruptcy reorganization

Remington Outdoor Co., “Big Green,” announced on May 17 that it has emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy after the firearms and ammunition manufacturer implemented its plan of reorganization to reduce about $775 million of the company’s debt.
Remington filed its reorganization package with the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware in late March. As detailed in the reorganization package, Remington converted $775 million in debt to equity. The company now has a $55 million First-In, Last-Out Term Loan and a new $100 million Term Loan, and $193 million in a rollover asset-based lending facility, according to business publications.
In addition, Remington cancelled stock issued prior to bankruptcy proceedings and issued new shares, including warrants to the holders of its previously outstanding funded debt in return for their allowed claims against Remington. A new board of directors will also be appointed.
“It is morning in Remington country,” said Remington CEO Anthony Acitelli in a press release. “We are excited about the future—producing quality products, serving our customers, and providing good jobs for our employees.”
Remington Outdoor Co., the holding company formerly known as The Freedom Group, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of firearms and ammunition, including such brands as Remington, Bushmaster Firearms, DPMS/Panther Arms, Marlin, H&R, The Parker Gun, Tapco, Advanced Armament Corp., Dakota Arms, Nesika, Stormlake, Timbersmith and Barnes Bullets.
Bloomberg News reported that the reorganization plan was confirmed by a Delaware bankruptcy court earlier in May.


NY Assemblywoman Proposes Banning School Rifle Teams

A New York State lawmaker from New York City has authored a bill that would end riflery, trap shooting and archery as sports in public schools in the state.
Assemblywoman Linda B. Rosenthal, a Democrat who represents the 67th Assembly District in western Manhattan, introduced the bill on April 20. At this point, there is no companion bill or co-sponsor for it in the state Senate.
The bill, A10428, which was sent to the Assembly’s Education Committee, would amend the state’s Education Law and calls for the “prohibition of marksmanship and/or shooting programs in public schools,” a change in state law that would take effect immediately upon passage.
Rosenthal’s bill, covering marksmanship and/or shooting programs, includes “any competitive or recreational shooting activities involving proficiency tests of accuracy, precision and speed in using various types of ranged weapons, such as firearms and air guns, in forms such as handguns, rifles and shotguns and/or bows or crossbows.
In her memo describing the need for the bill, Rosenthal wrote:
“Marksmanship programs in public schools were once popular, but a rise in gun violence and school shootings in recent years has spurred a long overdue re-evaluation of their place in our students’ curriculum. A number of schools which still operate marksmanship programs do so through grants from the National Rifle Association, including Parkland, Fla. high school where a former student and marksmanship team member murdered 17 students and teachers in February 2018.
“In 1990, Congress passed the Gun Free School Zones Act to prohibit the possession of firearms on school grounds, but left exemptions for police officers and school security as well as students possessing firearms as part of an approved school program. Research shows that an increase in guns leads to an increase in gun injuries and deaths, whether intentional or not. To create a true, gun-free school zone we cannot allow students to possess and discharge firearms.”
Rosenthal apparently ignores the proven safety and responsibility training that the students gain from approved shooting programs and the thousands of students nationwide who benefit from such competitive shooting and archery programs, and the fact that the shooting sports provide people with a lifetime of healthy recreation.
As Rod Watson, writing in the Buffalo News on May 17 noted,
“Ordinarily, this measure from Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal might be considered a classic “one-house bill” doomed to go no further. But with the very real possibility of Democrats also taking over the State Senate – depending on the whims of one mercurial senator – and Gov. Andrew Cuomo ever eager to ban any gun he can find, this threat to shooting sports is all too real.
“It is one more example of Democrats stretching the definition of ‘sensible’ gun control until it has no meaning at all, short of simply getting rid of all firearms.”
Watson further noted that proposals like Rosenthal’s simply make the case for the NRA’s claims about the real intent of the gun-grabbers.

Kasich Leads Ohio Gun Control Effort

Ohio is poised to become one of the states changing gun laws after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school massacre—and the governor has enlisted the help of a Parkland, FL, dad to make it happen, according to the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel.
Fred Guttenberg is the father of 14-year-old Jaime Guttenberg, one of the 17 killed in the Feb. 14 Parkland school shooting. He was invited to testify before the Ohio Legislature by Gov. John Kasich, the former presidential candidate.
“He asked me to come and testify about what happened here in Florida and what it’s meant to our community—if red-flag [laws] had existed prior to Feb. 14 the outcome could have been different,” Guttenberg said. “I’ll testify about how it’s working in the state of Florida now that the law has been passed.”
Florida is among 13 states that have already tightened gun control laws or passed legislation aimed at improving school safety since the Feb. 14 tragedy, according to a review by the South Florida Sun Sentinel. The other 12 states are Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia.
Ohio is states also looking at proposals in response. Gov. Kasich has recommended changes, including prohibiting those under domestic violence protection orders from buying or possessing firearms; and clarifying Ohio’s prohibition on third-party gun purchases. The law would allow families to appeal to law enforcement to keep guns away from relatives who are a danger to themselves or society.