Charter Arms Announces Four New Undercover Lite Revolvers

By Dave Workman
Contributing Editor

For decades, Charter Arms has turned out rugged, reliable, budget-priced revolvers in popular calibers that offer a no-frills option for people in need of a defensive handgun that works.

They may not win beauty contests day-in and day-out, but when the hammer falls they go “Bang!” with gusto. Charter Arms revolvers are workhorses, and this year, there are some new versions of the Undercover Lite snub nose that might also be considered show horses.

Undercover Lite models feature aircraft-grade aluminum frames, steel barrels, cranes and cylinders to save weight. They are all chambered for the dependable .38 Special cartridge. All have 2-inch barrels and full shrouds to protect cylinder pins, and five-shot capacities. They join a rather large family that already includes 18 different model variations including one DAO model called the Pink Lady for its pink frame color.








The handsome Blue Diamond has an anodized blue frame with hi-polish stainless steel barrel and cylinder. It’s a real eye-catcher that comes with a molded rubber grip with checkering.

The Rosebud is another variation, featuring a rose gold frame with hi-polish stainless steel barrel and cylinder, and the Gold Chic Lady is likely to appeal to women, thanks to its anodized gold frame that offsets well against the polished cylinder and barrel. It also comes with a faux gold colored alligator case.

Last in line s the Earthborn, a tough-looking little wheel gun that stands apart from the other new arrivals because it sports an earth tone frame and cylinder offset by a matte black barrel.








Each of these revolvers has an exposed hammer, and they will  appeal to weight-conscious people who don’t care to be lugging around a heavy defensive sidearm. All of these models hit the scales at a remarkable 12 ounces. As a result, certain loads might deliver a fairly robust recoil. MSRP for the line is $414.

That considered, these new Charter Arms models should garner a pretty good following, and they are priced competitively to likely make that happen.

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