Eye-Opener or Reminder, An Ambitious Book

By Roger Lanny,
Contributing Editor

How to Bodyguard Yourself―A Personal Protection Guide for Women―Redux, book by Stephan Kurr, ISBN 978-1-68111-183-4, from Wasteland Press, www.wastelandpress.com, $16.95.
Stephen Kurr recently came out with a revised and updated version, a “Redux,” of his book, How to Bodyguard Yourself.
Mr. Kurr is eminently qualified to author such a book. He is a former US counterintelligence special agent who ran intelligence missions and close protection operations. He has had assignments with various elite units, both CONUS and abroad, and is currently the president and CEO of OpSec Intelligence, a personal security advising firm.
How to Bodyguard Yourself is a very ambitious book, in that it attempts “to educate women in preemptive measures that will divert an attack long before they are placed in a situation where they have to engage in a physical confrontation…The personal protection guide gives women sound advice on how to enhance their security posture and implement effective countermeasures if needed.” It largely succeeds.
In its ten chapters, “How to Bodyguard Yourself” covers an enormous amount of ground―Operational, Physical, Communications (computers, smartphones and Internet), and Transportation Security, Weapons, Martial Arts, ATM/Credit Card/Debit Card Security, Identity Theft, Flight Safety, Hostage Survival, Bomb Awareness and more. There’s even a chapter just for women Real Estate Agent Safety, which highlights the unfortunate fact that in that profession are potentially at a very high risk. This is the first place that I have seen those women’s risks addressed.
In this book you will discover a lot of good information, with most areas covered lightly as there are only 193 pages. There are options, suggestions, and pointers to further study and training. It will be an eye-opening read for many, and a perhaps much-needed reminder for others.