The DC Project: Revealing the Face of the American Gun Owner



Cheryl Todd of Arizona, speaks at the 2017 DC Project event in front of the US Capitol.

By Genie Jennings,
Contributing Editor

The DC Project is a true grassroots endeavor to educate federal legislators on the realities of private gun ownership and the Second Amendment.
This year’s event will have taken place by the time this issue is in print.
The goal of the creators was to have 50 women, one from each state, go to Washington to introduce themselves to their respective Representative and Senators. There are no big donors or corporate sponsors. Instead each woman is responsible for her own transportation, food, and lodging during the time she is in the capital. The hope is that the women will meet their legislators, be able to tell their stories, and, hopefully, be able to develop a congenial relationship. The legislators and their staffs and the staff will also have an opportunity to join their constituents at a nearby range. These are the 2018 participants.
For more information on the DC Project and a recap of this year’s June 22 event, go to
At press time, he following women participating in the 2018 event are:

Elizabeth Stringer Pearch, AK

Beth Reoch Alcazar, AL

Tiffany Johnson, TN



Mary Yungeberg, SD




Tina Martin-Nims, NC

Lanny Barnes, CO



Kim Condon, MS


LaKasha Robbins, MA


Julie Waastad, CA


Jennifer Wyatt, MI

Gabby Franco, TX



Gretchan Helm, MD


Lori Ann Blackwell, IL


Rhonda Ezell, IL


Shebrena Maden Vaught, KY



Maya Baeza, HI

Gina Roberts, CA





















Lara Cullinane Smith, CA
Brooke Cheney, CT
Holly Sullivan, CT
Chloe Deaton, FL
Shayna Lopez-Rivas, FL
Christi Conner Tate, GA
Lucretia Hughes, GA
Ki Welch, GA
Jeanelle Westrom, IA
Jessica Klingener-Minor, ID
Beth Walker, IN
Corinne Elise, KS
Karla Dinsmoore-Mooney, MD
Dakota Overland-MN
Stacey E. Washington, MO
Kathey Eckles Love, MT
Heather Miller, NC
Stephanie Schafer, NE
Elaine Hope Croteau, NH
Robin Wright, NJ
Barbara Weimer Rumpel, NM/FL
Diane Scully, NV
Laura Evans, NY
Lauren Hartnett, NY
Amanda Suffecool, OH
Dianna Liedorff Muller, OK
Kelley Ann Pidgeon, PA
Adda May Dillon, SC
Jordan Blake, SC
Ashlynne Thomas, TX
Robyn Sandoval, TX
Amanda Johnson, VA
Megan Boland, VA
Mia Farinelli, VA
Tennille Gibson Chidester, UT
Susan Hansen, WA
Kelly Welke, WI
April Strong, WY