Table of Contents Jan/Feb 2017


Sierra Exif JPEGCover Story: Gunsite: 40 years Strong.
A quick look at Gunsite, a comprehensive school to train some of the brightest stars of the shooting community.

Gun News.
Election results, smart guns and more.

Legally Speaking
A new president takes office. By Karen MacNutt

College Shooting Sports
Moving from high school to college shooting teams is an exciting challenge. By Ashley Brugnone.

Dad and Daughter at CMP Games
Dad and daughter take on First M16 Match at 2016 Western CMP Games.

Coach Guns
Originally designed to foil “highwaymen,” the coach gun shotgun design has modern home defense applications. By Bob Campbell.

A preview of new handgun offerings from major manufacturers this year. By Dave Workman.

Honor Guard 9mm
Honor Defense, a new manufacturer, debuts a quality 9mm. By Bob Campbell.

From the Editor
“Run, hide, fight” provokes questions. By Peggy Tartaro

About the Authors

Lyn Bates is the Vice President of AWARE (Arming Women Against Rape and Endangerment,, a nonprofit organization that provides information and training to enable women to avoid, deter, repel or resist crimes ranging from minor harassment to violent assault. She has been a competitive shooter, recipient of the National Tactical Invitational’s Tactical Advocate Award, and certified to teach a wide range of self-defense techniques. She has authored the book Safety for Stalking Victims, blogs at and can be reached at

R.K. “Bob” Campbell is a working, sworn law-enforcement officer who writes about guns and self-defense issues for W&G and several other gun publications. His book, available from Merril Press, is The Handgun in Personal Defense. He has written extensively on the use of carbines by police and civilians. His abstract on police carbine marksmanship is used as a reference by the National Institute of Justice.

Karen L. MacNutt is a consulting attorney for the Second Amendment Foundation, National Rifle Association and Gun Owners Action League. She maintains a general law practice in Boston, and is an active rifle and pistol competitor.

Diane Walls is a long-time martial artist and former TaeKwon-Do instructor. She is currently on staff at Firearms Academy of Seattle as an assistant instructor for handgun and women’s programs. She is also a certified NRA pistol instructor and graduate of multiple Lethal Force Institute programs.

Dave Workman is senior editor of The Gun, which can be found online at
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Buffalo, NY 14205-0035
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Contributing Editors
Lyn Bates
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R.K. Campbell
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Karen MacNutt
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Dave Workman

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