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This shooter is bladed to the target and practicing accurate fire at a modest range, demonstrating author Bob Campbell’s to “Shoot Well and Shoot to Win.” Story on page 15


Court Cases in DC, Florida, Tennessee and Pennsylvania impact gun owners

Defensive Strategies
Programs developed in Colorado and Ohio are changing the way we react to mass shootings, especially in schools

High Caliber Profile
Meet Jeanelle Westrom, whose family legacy led her to open a women-friendly gun shop

Shooting Sports
Long range Handgun shooting is not for everyone–but it is for a group of Northwest women.

Ruger’s lightweight SP101 revolver is a hard-hitting choice for self-defense.

Legally Speaking
A long-ago incident leads to musings on practical concealed carry.

Making A Difference
The nationwide Becoming an Outdoors-woman program finds a true believer in Maine.

Training Matters
A new feature in W&G, discusses all the things training.

From the Editor
It’s all about the case.