Genie Jennings

genie08Genie Jennings
 is a Contributing Editor for Women & Guns Magazine writing a column, Making a Difference, showcasing the women who are doing so. After cutting her teeth in the Pro-Gun movement, she has expanded her activities into the more general political realm.  She serves on town committees, and is an active member of the Republican Party, serving as an officer at both town and county levels.

A proud member of SAF, GOA, NRA, and Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, and former National Spokeswoman for SAS, she never refuses an opportunity to speak publicly on the subject of Second Amendment rights. Genie is a member of the South Berwick Rod & Gun Association, where she produces Introducing Women to the Shooting Sports (which has now brought 240 women into the pro-gun community) and chairs both the (N)ews (A)nd (G)overnment Committee, and the annual fundraiser, 30Gunsin30Days Raffle.

She is a gardener, fisherman, ski instructor, and proud grandparent. With her husband, she began attending GRPC in 2001.  She has been a speaker and serves on the Resolutions Committee.



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